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High Speed Wire Drawing Machine PLC Control 10mm Wire Diameter

High Speed Wire Drawing Machine PLC Control 10mm Wire Diameter
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Max. Wire Diameter: 10mm
Fan Power: 30W
Core Components: PLC
Wire Speed: 1.8 To 8 M/min
Size: 550mm*250mm*630mm
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2019
Power Source: Electric
Control System: PLC
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Product Description

Product Description:

The Wire Drawing Machines are an essential piece of equipment in the field of wire manufacturing, designed to efficiently transform raw metal materials into fine wire products. Recognized for their exceptional performance, these machines are not only pivotal in the production of a wide variety of wire products but also represent the pinnacle of wire making machinery technology.

At the heart of this machine is its robust engineering, which guarantees a steady wire speed of 1.8 to 8 m/min. This variable speed feature ensures that the Wire Drawing Machines can handle a range of wire thicknesses and tensile strengths with ease, making them suitable for a variety of applications across multiple industries. It is this versatility that positions the machine as a must-have piece of wire manufacturing equipment for any operation looking to produce high-quality wire products.

One of the key selling points of our Wire Drawing Machines is their simplicity and ease of operation. With a user-friendly interface and straightforward controls, operators are able to manage the wire drawing process with minimal training, thereby reducing the learning curve and enhancing production efficiency. The simplicity of operation does not compromise the machine's capability, providing a balance between user accessibility and high-quality wire production.

Equipped with a single root number, the machine ensures a consistent and uninterrupted drawing process. This single-line operation optimizes the drawing sequence and maintains a continuous flow, thereby streamlining the production process. By reducing the potential for wire breaks and other interruptions, the Wire Drawing Machine ensures a steady output, which is critical in meeting the demands of high-volume wire production environments.

Understanding the importance of reliability in wire coiling machines, our Wire Drawing Machines come with a comprehensive Machinery Test Report. This report is provided to demonstrate and verify the machine's performance and durability. It is a testament to the rigorous testing each machine undergoes to ensure it meets the high standards expected by our clients. The inclusion of this report is indicative of our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

The machine's fan power is rated at an efficient 30W. This energy-efficient cooling system plays a vital role in maintaining the machine's performance by preventing overheating during operation. The cooling system not only extends the lifespan of the machine but also guarantees that the quality of the wire is not compromised by excess heat during the drawing process. This attention to detail underscores the Wire Drawing Machine's role as a reliable component within the wire making machinery sector.

In summary, our Wire Drawing Machines epitomize the innovation and effectiveness required for today's wire production needs. With a steadfast wire speed, ease of operation, single root number for streamlined production, a comprehensive Machinery Test Report for assured quality, and an energy-efficient fan cooling system, these machines are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the wire manufacturing industry. Whether you are involved in the production of electrical wiring, cable manufacturing, or any other wire-related industry, these machines are engineered to enhance production capabilities and ensure that your operation remains at the forefront of wire manufacturing technology.


  • Product Name: Wire Drawing Machines
  • Root Number: 1
  • Core Components: PLC
  • Shaping Mode: Compression Mould
  • Key Selling Points: Easy To Operate
  • Machinery Test Report: Provided
  • Category: Wire Making Machinery
  • Type: Wire Processing Equipment

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Max. Wire Diameter 10mm
Key Selling Points Easy To Operate
Marketing Type Hot Product 2019
Core Components PLC
Outlet Diameter 0.8~5mm
Pulley OTO
Wire Speed 1.8 To 8 M/min
Machinery Test Report Provided
Frequency 50Hz
Shaping Mode Compression Mould


Wire Drawing Machines, equipped with advanced PLC control systems, are pivotal in the manufacturing industry for producing wires of varying thicknesses and strengths. These machines are primarily used in Wire Making Machinery applications, where precision and reliability are paramount. The PLC control system ensures that the wire is drawn consistently, maintaining the quality and integrity of the wire throughout the drawing process. This level of precision is crucial for manufacturers who require a high degree of consistency for their products.

A key selling point of these Wire Drawing Machines is their ease of operation. Operators can manage the drawing process smoothly, thanks to intuitive interfaces and automated control systems. This ease of use reduces the need for extensive training and allows for quicker adaptation to different wire specifications. The ability to easily operate machinery directly translates into increased productivity and efficiency in wire production.

The Wire Drawing Machines are capable of handling outlet diameters ranging from 0.8mm to 5mm, providing a wide scope of applications. This range allows for the production of wires suitable for various purposes, from delicate electronic components to robust cables used in construction. Industries that benefit from such versatility include electronics, automotive, construction, and telecommunications, where wires of different diameters are required for different applications.

Understanding the importance of machinery reliability, a comprehensive Machinery Test Report is provided with these Wire Draw Machines. This report details the performance and quality tests that each machine undergoes, offering assurance to buyers regarding the machine's capabilities and condition. The transparency provided by these reports helps in making informed purchasing decisions and ensures that the machines meet the required industrial standards.

The OTO pulley system incorporated into the Wire Draw Machines is designed for optimal wire guiding and tension control, which is essential for high-quality wire production. The OTO pulley, known for its durability and precision, contributes to the smooth operation of the wire drawing process, thereby minimizing wire breakage and ensuring a continuous production cycle.

In summary, Wire Drawing Machines with PLC control systems, easy operation, and versatile outlet diameter capabilities are indispensable in the Wire Making Machinery sector. They provide manufacturers with the tools needed to produce high-quality wires efficiently and consistently. The inclusion of a detailed Machinery Test Report and the reliable OTO pulley system further enhance the value of these Wire Draw Machines, making them a smart investment for businesses looking to optimize their wire production operations.


Our Wire Drawing Machines, a vital component of Wire Manufacturing Equipment, offer customizable Product Customization Services to meet your specific production needs. With an OTO pulley system, our Wire Draw Machines ensure smooth and consistent wire feeding.

Equipped with a 30W fan power, the Wire Draw Machines maintain optimal operating temperatures, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the machinery.

The integration of a sophisticated PLC control system provides precision and ease of use, allowing for seamless adjustments to wire production processes.

Our machines are capable of achieving wire speeds ranging from 1.8 to 8 m/min, catering to a variety of wire specifications and ensuring efficiency in your wire manufacturing tasks.

Designed to operate at a standard frequency of 50Hz, our Wire Draw Machines are optimized for compatibility with common electrical systems in the industry.

Support and Services:

Our Wire Drawing Machines are designed with precision and built for high performance, ensuring that our customers receive the best in wire drawing technology. To keep your machine operating at peak efficiency, we offer comprehensive Product Technical Support and Services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our support includes troubleshooting, technical guidance, maintenance tips, and software updates to enhance your machine's capabilities and extend its lifespan.

Access to our expert technical support team is available for all owners of Wire Drawing Machines. Our team is well-equipped to address any operational or technical issues that may arise, providing you with swift and effective solutions to maintain uninterrupted production. We are committed to delivering support that is as reliable and advanced as the machines we build.

Additionally, we provide a range of services to ensure your machine operates optimally. From preventative maintenance to on-site repair services, our skilled technicians are ready to assist you with any challenges you may face. Regularly scheduled maintenance services are also available to keep your Wire Drawing Machine in top condition, preventing downtime and promoting longevity.

For those looking to enhance their skills or those of their staff, we offer training programs that cover the operation, maintenance, and safety of our Wire Drawing Machines. These programs are designed to help you achieve the best performance from your equipment and to empower your team with the knowledge to handle the machine expertly.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with the sale of our Wire Drawing Machines. We continue to support our products with the dedication and expertise that our clients have come to expect. Trust in our Product Technical Support and Services to provide you with the confidence that your wire drawing operations will run smoothly and efficiently.

Packing and Shipping:

The Wire Drawing Machines are meticulously packaged to ensure their safe arrival at your facility. Each machine is encased in a robust, protective casing with cushioning materials to prevent any movement or damage during transit. The packaging is designed to be weather-resistant, safeguarding the machines from moisture and environmental hazards.

Before shipping, all Wire Drawing Machines undergo a thorough inspection to confirm they are secured properly within their packaging. We use reinforced wooden crates for added protection and stability. These crates are clearly labeled with handling instructions and the contents to facilitate smooth customs clearance and delivery processes.

The machines are shipped with a detailed packing list, including the machine's specifications, weight, dimensions, and handling instructions. Our logistics team works closely with reputable carriers to ensure timely and efficient delivery. We provide tracking information so you can monitor the shipment's progress until it reaches your destination.

Upon receiving your Wire Drawing Machine, please inspect the packaging for any visible damage before signing the delivery receipt. If you discover any damage, report it immediately to the carrier and our customer service team to assist with any necessary claims or support.


Q1: What is a wire drawing machine used for?

A1: A wire drawing machine is used to reduce the cross-section of wire by pulling it through a series or a single drawing die to achieve the desired diameter. This process is widely used in the manufacturing of cables, wires, and other products that require precise diameters.

Q2: What types of materials can be processed with a wire drawing machine?

A2: Wire drawing machines can process a variety of materials, including but not limited to steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and various alloys. The material choice depends on the specific requirements of the end product and the capabilities of the wire drawing machine.

Q3: Can wire drawing machines handle different wire diameters?

A3: Yes, wire drawing machines typically come with the capability to handle a range of wire diameters. The specific range will depend on the model and type of the machine, with some machines meant for fine wire drawing and others suited for larger diameters.

Q4: How does the wire drawing process affect the mechanical properties of the wire?

A4: The wire drawing process can affect the mechanical properties of the wire by increasing its tensile strength and hardness due to work hardening. However, this may also make the wire more brittle. To counteract this, wires are often annealed (heat treated) to restore ductility before or after the drawing process, depending on the application.

Q5: Are there different types of wire drawing machines?

A5: Yes, there are several types of wire drawing machines, including single-block and multi-block machines, wet and dry drawing machines, and straight-line, bull block, and continuous drawing machines. Each type has its own advantages and is chosen based on the specific requirements of the drawing process and the final product.

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