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Electric Wire Drawing Machine PLC Controlled Max Wire Diameter 10mm Outlet Diameter 0.8-5mm

Electric Wire Drawing Machine PLC Controlled Max Wire Diameter 10mm Outlet Diameter 0.8-5mm
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Core Components: PLC
Key Selling Points: Easy To Operate
Outlet Diameter: 0.8~5mm
Wire Speed: 1.8 To 8 M/min
Max. Wire Diameter: 10mm
Power Source: Electric
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2019
Machinery Test Report: Provided
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Electric Wire Drawing Machine


0.8-5mm Wire Drawing Machine


PLC Controlled Wire Drawing Machine

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Product Description:

Wire drawing machines are an essential component in the wire making machinery industry, transforming raw wire materials into fine wire suitable for a myriad of applications. The product in question, with its compact dimensions of 550mm*250mm*630mm, is an electric-powered machine that is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of wire fabrication while maintaining a footprint that is conducive to efficient space management in industrial settings.

At the core of this wire making machinery's advantages is its electric power source, which ensures a consistent and reliable energy supply for continuous operation. Unlike manual or pneumatic systems, the electric drive of this wire drawing machine affords it a level of precision and endurance that is necessary for high-volume production environments where downtime can have significant financial implications.

One of the key selling points of this wire drawing machine is its ease of operation. The user-friendly interface and straightforward control mechanisms allow operators to quickly become proficient at using the machine, reducing the learning curve and enabling faster onboarding of new personnel. This feature is particularly valuable in industries where time is of the essence and operational efficiency directly impacts profitability. The simplicity of operation does not come at the expense of performance, as the machine is designed to deliver consistent results with minimal supervision.

The root number of this wire drawing machine is 1, indicating a single-wire drawing capability that is ideal for specialized manufacturing processes where precision and quality are paramount. The single-wire system ensures that each wire is drawn with the utmost attention to detail, producing a product that meets stringent industry standards and customer expectations. This focus on quality makes the machine a valuable asset in the production of high-grade wire products.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with a 30W fan power system that provides effective cooling during operation. The importance of temperature control in wire drawing processes cannot be overstated, as excessive heat can lead to wire breakage and other quality issues. The integrated fan ensures that the machine maintains optimal operating temperatures, thus prolonging the lifespan of the machinery and ensuring consistent output quality.

In the realm of wire making machinery, this wire drawing machine stands out for its capacity to bring together compact design, electrical efficiency, operational simplicity, precise single-wire drawing, and effective cooling mechanisms. These attributes make it a versatile and robust solution for a variety of industries, including electrical, construction, automotive, and telecommunications. Whether the task at hand involves creating fine wire for electronic components or producing robust cables for infrastructure projects, this machine is up to the challenge.

Overall, the introduction of this wire drawing machine into the market signifies a step forward in wire making machinery technology. It embodies the qualities that manufacturers seek: reliability, efficiency, and the capability to produce high-quality wire products. For businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities with a machine that is easy to operate, electrically powered, and designed for precision, this wire drawing machine represents an investment in productivity and quality assurance.


  • Product Name: Wire Drawing Machines
  • Max. Wire Diameter: 10mm
  • Outlet Diameter: 0.8~5mm
  • Size: 550mm*250mm*630mm
  • Key Selling Points: Easy To Operate
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Also known as Wire Coiling Machines
  • Essential Wire Manufacturing Equipment
  • Durable and reliable component of Wire Manufacturing Equipment

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Fan Power 30W
Shaping Mode Compression Mould
Outlet Diameter 0.8~5mm
Key Selling Points Easy To Operate
Wire Speed 1.8 To 8 M/min
Frequency 50Hz
Root Number 1
Marketing Type Hot Product 2019
Control System PLC
Power Source Electric


Wire Drawing Machines have become an essential component in the field of wire processing equipment, offering a wide range of applications and scenarios. These machines are designed with a sophisticated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system, which ensures precision and ease of operation, positioning them as a key player in the wire making machinery market. The integration of PLCs into Wire Drawing Machines allows for smooth and efficient control of the drawing process, adapting to various production requirements with minimal manual intervention.

One of the key selling points of these machines is their user-friendly nature. Operators are able to manage the Wire Draw Machines with ease, thanks to the straightforward and intuitive interface, which significantly reduces the learning curve and increases productivity. This feature is particularly beneficial in fast-paced industrial environments where time and efficiency are of the essence. The simplified operation also means that it's possible to achieve consistent quality and output, which is crucial for maintaining high standards in wire production.

These Wire Drawing Machines come equipped with a 30W fan power that provides effective cooling during operation. This cooling system is vital as it prevents overheating and ensures the longevity of the machine. The electric power source offers a clean and reliable energy supply, making these machines a sustainable choice for wire manufacturing businesses that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The wire speed of these machines ranges from 1.8 to 8 m/min, accommodating varying production demands. Whether for fine wire production in electronics and jewelry or for heavier gauge wire needed in construction and industrial applications, Wire Draw Machines can handle the task with efficiency. The adjustable speed allows for the production of wires with different diameters and tensile strengths, which broadens the scope of wire products that can be manufactured using these machines.

Industries that benefit from Wire Drawing Machines include automotive, where wire is used in electrical systems and components; construction, which requires wire for structural reinforcements and cabling; electrical and electronics manufacturing, for producing conductive wiring and components; and the jewelry industry, where precise and high-quality wire is a must for intricate designs. The versatility of these Wire Draw Machines makes them a valuable asset in any scenario where wire is needed, from heavy-duty industrial uses to delicate, precision-based applications.


Explore our cutting-edge Wire Processing Equipment designed to cater to your manufacturing needs. Our Wire Drawing Machines, a Hot Product 2019, are renowned for their user-friendly operation, ensuring a seamless production experience.

Our machines offer a versatile outlet diameter range from 0.8 to 5mm, allowing for a wide variety of wire thicknesses to be processed with precision. The Max. Wire Diameter that can be accommodated is up to 10mm, making it suitable for an array of applications.

Key Selling Points of our Wire Draw Machines include their Easy To Operate interface, which significantly reduces the learning curve and increases productivity. Moreover, their compact size of 550mm*250mm*630mm ensures that they occupy minimal floor space, making them an ideal choice for operations where space is at a premium.

Choose our Wire Drawing Machines for a robust and efficient solution in wire processing. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our Wire Processing Equipment remains at the forefront of technology, delivering unmatched performance and reliability.

Support and Services:

Our Wire Drawing Machines are designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, we offer comprehensive technical support and a suite of services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our technical support includes:

  • Troubleshooting assistance via phone or email to help you resolve any operational issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Access to a dedicated online portal for downloading manuals, technical bulletins, and software updates to keep your machine running at its best.
  • Remote diagnostics capabilities, allowing our experts to assess and diagnose potential issues without the need for an on-site visit.

In addition to technical support, our service offerings encompass:

  • Preventive maintenance programs to help extend the life of your Wire Drawing Machine and minimize the risk of unexpected downtime.
  • On-site repair and maintenance services performed by our team of highly trained technicians.
  • Training programs for operators and maintenance personnel to ensure they have the skills necessary to operate and maintain the equipment effectively.
  • Availability of original spare parts and consumables to ensure your machine continues to operate with the highest efficiency and precision.

We are committed to providing you with a superior customer experience and the support you need to keep your Wire Drawing Machines functioning at their peak. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations and maximum productivity.

Packing and Shipping:

Our Wire Drawing Machines are meticulously packaged to ensure their protection during shipping. Each machine is encased in a robust wooden crate, tailored to fit the dimensions of the product, providing a secure buffer against impacts. The wooden crate is further reinforced with metal strapping, adding an additional layer of security.

Inside the crate, the machine is immobilized with anchoring brackets and cushioned with shock-absorbing materials to prevent any movement that could cause damage during transit. The packaging also includes a moisture barrier to protect against corrosion caused by humidity and other environmental factors.

Prior to shipping, each crate is thoroughly inspected to guarantee that the machine is securely packed and ready for transport. We use reputable freight carriers to ensure reliable and timely delivery. Tracking information will be provided so that you can monitor the shipment progress until it safely arrives at your destination.

Please note that upon arrival, the recipient is responsible for unloading and installation of the Wire Drawing Machine. It is recommended to have a professional team on hand to handle the equipment with care and to ensure a proper set up for optimal performance.


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